Hi, I’m Aubrey!


I was born…and then I grew up. Along the way, I learned stuff…quite a bit of stuff, I suppose. Some things I’m unlearning. Some things I’m embracing! I’m always up for a cheap laugh- really, that just means my jokes are bad, but I make them anyway.

 Some things I’m passionate about (besides photography)…
My faith
My husband
West Coast Swing
Family time
Not paying full price for things
Refurbishing furniture
Sibling dinners
A good (but not mean) prank
Queso (with beef)
Being outdoors
A good TV show
1/2 sweet tea
Hanging with my niece
Making people smile
Garage sales
Curb-shopping (no shame here)

I love capturing memories for people through photography- that’s probably all you needed to know in all of this. Thanks for sticking it out to this point! I love meeting new people and have the coolest clients ever (even if you don’t think you’re cool…I will!). Thank you for considering booking with me and hope to meet you soon!